Mark Jensen’s Deluxe Magic Show – Organizational Edition

Custom designed to meet the needs of organizations, Mark Jensen’s Deluxe Magic Show will have your members in stitches as they experience magic and mind reading that will have them screaming, “That’s Impossible!!!”

Whether your organization is a school, club, charity or church, Mark’s family friendly show is perfect for:


“My first grade children were delighted, thrilled, and mystified. Even I haven't figured out just how you did your tricks. You certainly did a fine job!”

-- Karen Sjolund

Fund Raising

In today’s economic climate, raising funds for your organization can be more challenging than ever.  Mark Jensen’s Deluxe Magic Show is the perfect fund raising activity for your organization.  You and Mark will work together to ensure a successful and profitable event.

"Mark says the magic word: Abracadabra! And it's gone, vanished, disappeared. It may be the disappearing lady in the cabinet trick, the rabbit in the hat trick, or the magic wand changing into a bouquet of flowers. Whatever trick or illusion it is...Jensen loves making special magic."

- - Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois

Mark Jensen’s Deluxe Magic School Program

Are you looking for that special program for your organization?  Then look no further.  Mark’s program is perfect for participants of all ages.  During the program participants will learn:

Mark’s program promotes self-confidence, social skills and teamwork.  Participants have the opportunity to perform as part of a class magic show at the end of the program.